Saturday, February 26, 2005


I am a Shosdskabian, an inhibiter of Planet Urtakoreai. My name is Morktox and I am an explorer for the Shosdskabian king. Our king has given me a mission to find a planet that one of our fellow Shosdskabians saw last night. So, I gathered a crew of 4 aliens to help me on this mission. Each of these aliens is from different planets and they all have different talents. Bafeaese an alien from Planet X can fix anything from an old Aheu to a new Xchdsue and is the smartest alien in the galaxy. Then there is Faiue, a master in weapons, from the planet of Kroddoase. Asdes is an authority at navigation and technology and is from Hghar. Finally there’s Drotfel who is fast, fit, and athletic and is from Husk. That is our team.

My team and I needed to get ready. The king said we should be leaving in a few days. He gave us 6,000,000 Spacebucks, enough to buy us a transport and supplies. We got 5000 cans of graisde, 2100 bottles of dosres, and an Xchdsue 2000. The Xchdsue was the most amazing ship I think I saw in my life. It was so shiny. It had a 3462645 turbo engine, a 42039 shield generaters, a 4200 hyper-drive, which could do a kessel run in less than a kiloer second, and 3 blasters, concealed in the front and sides of the vehicle. Our team was ready to go.


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