Sunday, March 20, 2005


Today, Beafease fixed on the modifications Frisde gave to us. After that, we painted a name on the Xchdsue 2000. After a long time of decision we decided to name it the Titan. We left Crodor after we had our dinner. I belive we can make our way to Earth with our torpedo launcher. We are still near Crodor's atmophere.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Today we landed on a planet named Crodor. We refilled our provisions and bought many things. Luckily we met one of Drotfel's friends. He is named Frisde and is a weapon smith. We asked him to join our quest, but he said that he needed to take care of his family. But he said that we could have one of his newest weapons. It is a brand-new ship modifacation that is also a weapon. It can send you at hyper speeds and is a huge torpedo blaster. Wow! We asked Bafeaese whether he could fix it on to the ship. She said that he could fix it tommorow. So, we asked Frisde if we could stay at his house tonight. He allowed us to. We then slept and took away our pure exuastion.


Today was an action packed day. We had to dodge past the asteroid field. With help from Asdes, we managed to steer through safely. Even Faiue helped by blasting those asteroids with the three blasters. It was amazing.

According to Beafease we are going to run out of rations in 30 days. We did not have that much of a hearty meal today so that we could save our rations for later...


Arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrong way. We finally noticed that we are heading to the Unknown galaxy. That is a place where danger lurks. Too bad we can't turn back. If we do then we might get attacked by the giant Kuies. Kuies is a giant monster that can devour anything in less than a blink. Even Faiue can't destroy him. I do not know how we got passed him. Wait . . .maybe he was that brown thing we saw yesterday.


There is nothing interesting today, but we saw this brownish-like object floating is the space. Wonder what that was.