Saturday, July 09, 2005


I just went to a weird planet today! Faiue and me went to a place called Adubaheisde! We found a bar and went into it finding a alien mopping the floor and a singe. The mopping guy was very irritating!!! He kept on getting kicked out and then coming back in and saying " The Chubb Chubbs are coming!" Soon every body ran away! I went out of the bar and followed the alien. I ws soon comfronted by big aliens with all types of weapons! I ran! They followed! They all stopped when the crazy alien started singing a song that goes like this. "Why can't we be freinds" The big guys knocked down the alien's bucket and four cute creatures popped out! The big aliens were frozen in terror! They ran away and the creatures revealed their sharp, razor teeth! Soon the big aliens were demolished! We ran to our ship and blasted off fast! We then returned to Earth.